Boomerang (Southeast Asia TV channel)
Boomerang aus svg
Home of the Greatest Toons of All Time
Launched 1 September 2005
Owned by Time Warner
Slogan Home of the Greatest Toons of All Time
Country Hong Kong
Sri Lanka
Sister channel(s) Cartoon Network (Asia)
Boomerang is a Southeast Asia TV channel indicated for baby boomers, aimed at children 1-5.

Broadcasting facts Edit

Since its introduction in Asia on , Boomerang is available in Now TV in Hong Kong and also shown on Cable TV Hong Kong in spring 2006.

In January 2006, Boomerang on air in Thailand

In March 2006, SkyCable started to show Boomerang in the Philippines, but only available in the Platinum Package.

In Singapore the channel is now available on StarHub TV.

In Indonesia the channel is currently available on First Media and Aora TV starting .

In India, Boomerang was exclusively available on Dish TV until March 2, 2009. Its no longer available in India. Although this channel has downlink rights in India, its not available on any of the platforms as of now and is not a part of the Zee-Turner Bouquet, a distribution company of turner in collaboration with Essel Group.

In Sri Lanka, the channel is now available on Dialog TV. The Sri Lankan beam is the Middle East one and not the SE Asia one.

Programming blocks Edit

Good Morning, Scooby Edit

This block is currently shown on Boomerang. Good Morning Scooby! continues for a selection of Scooby Doo Shows along with other classic cartoon series from Hanna-Barbera.


Boomeraction is a block which, as its name suggests, consists of classic action-oriented shows such as Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Birdman, Sealab 2020 and The Brak Show. Get a dose of timeless action-pack series on Weeknights at 9:00 PM. 21:00 The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

21:25 Birdman Edit

21:50 Sealab 2020

22:15 The Brak Show An unstoppable Weekend block with no commercial interruptions featuring all-time toon favorites starting at 7:00 PM.

19:00 The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo Edit

The full length animated movie and specials is now showing on Boomerang on Saturdays at 9:00 PM.

21:00 Top Cat & The Beverly Hills' Cats Edit

Boomysteries is a mystery-themed late night block on Weekends at 11:00 PM features the strangest but mysterious toon stories ever.

23:00 The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries Edit

Boomeracers is a car-racing-themed programming block that aired Weekdays at 1:30 PM.

13:30 Speed Buggy Edit

13:55 Astro and The Spacemutts The Zoo is an animal-themed programming block on Weekdays at 9:00 to 11:00 AM.

09:00 2 Stupid Dogs Edit

10:00 Captain Caveman The Big Bucket is Boomerang's major marathon block. Started in June 2006, The Big Bucket features a 3 hour marathon of Boomerang's Character of the month. 07:00 The Flintstones

Logos Edit

September 2005 - November 2007 November 2007 - present
[1] [2]

From 2005-2007, the U.S.A Boomerang logo was used. From 2007-present, the pink B logo is used.

List of Shows shown on Boomerang (Southeast Asia) Edit



Listed below are programs to be shown on Boomerang SEA, as announced by the channel itself and its program schedule. It does not list programs rumored to be shown, as these rumors have not been proven.

Check local listings on selected regions thru Cartoon Network:

(*) - Philippines (4 April 2008)

06:00 Tom and Jerry

06:15 Time Squad

06:40 Transformers 

07:05 What's New, Scooby-Doo?

07:30 Tiny Toons

07:55 The Road Runner Show

08:10 My Little Pony

09:00 The Woody Woodpecker Show

09:25 Pinky and The Brain

09:50 Static Shock

10:30 Transformers

10:55 Tom and Jerry Kids

11:20 The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show

12:00 Time Squad

12:25 Tiny Toons

12:50 The Road Runner Show

13:45 Pinky and The Brain

14:20 Static Shock

14:50 My Little Pony

15:25 Tom and Jerry Kids

16:00 What's New, Scooby-Doo?

16:25 Mucha-Lucha! (NEW SHOW)

16:50 Justice League: Unlimited

17:15 The Simpsons (NEW SHOW)

17:40 Static Shock

18:05 Duck Dodgers

18:30 My Little Pony

18:55 Time Squad

19:20 Tiny Toons

19:45 Tom and Jerry Kids

20:00 Transformers

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