Ben 10 Alien Force Season 2
Series Ben 10 Alien Force
Country of origin USA
Network Cartoon Network
Original run October 10, 2008 – September 11, 2009
No. of episodes 13
Previous season 1
Next season 3

Ben 10 Alien Season 2 was a season of Ben 10: Alien Force.


EP# Title Airdate Prod. code
1 "Darkstar Rising" October 10, 2008 201
Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are forbidden to fight against the Highbreed threat by Magister Prior Ghilhil of the Plumbers, who doubts the Highbreed are even as much of a threat as they claim. However, all three sides find themselves working together when Mike Morningstar, now going by Darkstar, captures all but Gwen to feed his powers. With the help of the DNAliens, Gwen frees her friends and Mike is captured while the Highbreed Lord and the DNAliens escape. In gratitude, Magister Ghilhil makes the team Honorary Plumbers so they can defend the Earth legally and help the world. 
2 "Alone Together" October 17, 2008 202
After an accident with a teleporter pod, Ben and a Highbreed Commander named Reinrassic III are stranded on a desert planet that acts as a routing station for the teleporter. The pair are forced to work together to fend off the dangerous predators on the planet while making their way to the routing station, much to Reinrassic's chagrin. As they make their way across the desert, the two save each other from danger several times, even risking their own lives to do so. After reaching the teleporter pod, Reinrassic III stays behind, having deemed himself contaminated by Ben and thus a risk to the purity of his species. 
3 "Good Copy, Bad Copy" October 24, 2008 203
A Galvan (the race that created the Omnitrix and gave Ben the form of Grey Matter) named Albedo builds his own Omnitrix and is permanently stuck in Ben's human form (since wearing the Omnitrix, Ben's DNA has become a default in the Omnitrix, according to Albedo). Now, because they share DNA, they can change into the same forms as each other. Azmuth comes after both Ben and Albedo's Omnitrixes become attached, permanently damaging Albedo's human form. Azmuth removes the face plate of Albedo's Omnitrix, ensuring his human form is both a punishment and a prison for proving himself as a lesser being. Albedo is teleported to a Plumber prison while Azmuth says to Ben that he was the one to use the Omnitrix for good, not evil. 
4 "Save the Last Dance" November 7, 2008 204
Gwen forces Kevin to take her to her school's dance, forcing a clueless Kevin to seek advice from Ben. However, Ben has his own problems, as Big Chill takes over his body with each transformation and starts trying to eat every metal object in sight. Joined by Julie, Gwen and Kevin manage to subdue Big Chill, only to discover that Big Chill was only building a nest for eggs he had laid. The eggs hatch into infant Necrofriggians, and Kevin teases Ben about being a "mother." Julie takes Ben home on her scooter, while Gwen and Kevin miss the dance, and decide to dance to the music in Kevin's car. 
5 "Undercover" November 14, 2008 205
Kevin, Gwen, and Ben destroy a teleporter they were working on and need help repairing it. Kevin suggests Cooper, the young boy who had helped the Tennysons in the past (who also happens to have a huge crush on Gwen). Unfortunately, Cooper has been kidnapped by the DNAliens. They track him to the abandoned military base where Paradox built his time machine. They discover that the Highbreed have erected a cloaking field, built by Cooper over the area, concealing a mysterious arch-like device. They free Cooper and have him destroy the cloaking generator, during which he has visions of the arch acting as a gateway for a fleet of ships and the Earth being destroyed. Despite destroying the generator, the Highbreed manage to repair it and continue their operations unhindered. 
6 "Pet Project" November 21, 2008 206
Forever Knights' scientist Dr. Joseph Chadwick sends Sir Morton to kidnap Ship so that the Forever Knights can use him to mass-produce a fleet of interstellar spacecraft with which to attack the homeworld of the alien dragon that escaped them. Joined by Julie, who has been taking care of Ship, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin mount a raid on the Forever Knights' stronghold to rescue him. Though Joseph is using a control device to make Ship obey him, Julie is able to convince Ship to resist. The Forever Knights' stronghold is destroyed and the group now has access to a spaceship since Ship can transform into the vehicle the Forever Knights had hoped to mass-produce. 
7 "Grounded" November 23, 2008 207
While fighting one of the Highbreed, Ben's parents catch him transforming into Swampfire. They forbid him from using the Omnitrix, forcing Kevin and Gwen to fight the DNAliens by themselves. After trying to sneak out as Echo Echo, Ben gets grounded and is made to spill the beans about Gwen, getting her grounded, leaving Kevin alone. Kevin's trouble with the DNAliens eventually pushes Ben over the edge, and he breaks out of his house as Humongousaur in front of his parents to help. After a short battle aboard a small freighter carrying a rare isotope which the DNAliens plan on using, Ben's parents come to the rescue, admitting that they are proud of Ben and understand what he needs to do. 
8 "Voided" December 5, 2008 208
Helen and Manny call on Ben to help deal with a dangerous foe in the Null Void: D'Void. Ben goes in alone, with Kevin and Gwen waiting on the other side to bring him back. Once inside, Ben is shocked to learn that "D'Void" is really his old enemy Dr. Animo, who has taken control of the Null Guardians and enslaved the inhabitants of the Null Void. Using them as slave labor, he has built a machine to drill through the dimensional wall, hoping to bring his army to Earth. With the help of Grandpa Max, who was transported to the Null Void in "Max Out", and a small force of rebels he has gathered, Ben manages to destroy the drilling machine as Big Chill and defeat Dr. Animo. Gwen opens a portal back to Earth for Ben, but Grandpa Max cannot join them yet as things have to be set right in the Null Void first. 
9 "Inside Man" December 12, 2008 209
The team rescues a man named Tyler, who stole the Oscillator Key for the Highbreed's hyperspace gateway. He crashes his truck and suffers memory loss as he escapes. Both the DNAliens and the team track down the device, resulting in a battle. The team is victorious, but they discover that Tyler is actually a DNAlien, having managed to resist the Xenocyte controlling him. More DNAliens arrive to reclaim the Oscillator Key, capturing Tyler during the struggle. Ben opts to save Tyler instead of retrieving the Oscillator Key, and uses the Omnitrix to restore him to human form. As the DNAliens escape, the four now know their plan and prepare to take action. 
10 "Birds of a Feather" March 24, 2009 210
The prince of the Arachnachimps, Simion, needs help in retrieving a crystal which is the symbol of the monarchy on his planet. The crystal is being kept in a base on the moon. Ben offers his help, but Kevin and Gwen are skeptical. In the midst of the battle, Ben discovers that Simion has been lying, and that the crystal is actually powering an intergalactic communications station. By stealing it, Simion will prevent Earth from calling for help against the Highbreed invasion. Ben tricks Simion into stealing a worthless acid dispenser instead, resulting in Simion having a very unpleasant encounter with the Highbreed that employed him. 
11 "Unearthed" March 25, 2009 211
A DNAlien mining operation uncovers an alien spacecraft, from which a large, alien child is released. She wanders around the nearby town collecting random items, eventually attracting the attention of Ben, Gwen, and Kevin. After a short battle, they realize that the alien is a child. She perceives Gwen as an Anodite and hangs on her every word. Needing to return the child to her parents, the team follows her back to her ship. After defeating the DNAliens, the team wakes the child's parents, who depart the planet after Ben explains that they've been in stasis for fifty years. 
12 "War of the Worlds: Part 1" March 27, 2009 212
Paradox and Azmuth arrive on Earth to warn Ben of the approaching Highbreed fleet. Gwen and Kevin gather all the allies they've met (Allen, Cooper, Julie and Ship as well as their enemy Darkstar) to counter the threat. Meanwhile, Azmuth reveals to Ben that the Omnitrix contains the DNA of every sentient species in the galaxy, over one million in total, and unlocks the Master Control so Ben can effectively combat the Highbreed. This unlock's 3 of his old aliens Cannonbolt, Upchuck and Way Big. With Ben as Cannonbolt, the team converges on the Highbreed hyperspace jump gate in an effort to prevent the fleet from arriving, but the attack only provokes the Highbreed in charge to summon the fleet ahead of schedule. To try and stop the fleet coming throw the team with Ben as Upchuck with there combined try to destroy the hyperspace jump gate but it does not work so Ben turn's into Way Big and it start's to work but it activates and it knock's him down. They have to get to the Captain of the fleet to stop the invasion. 
13 "War of the Worlds: Part 2" March 27, 2009 213
Ben, Gwen and Kevin quickly head to the Captain of the fleet. The Highbreed commander and the team fight, and Gwen reveals her true anodite form for the first time. The trio is then surrounded by a group of DNAliens, but are saved by Grandpa Max, Pierce, Helen and Manny plus one Null Guardian, who have regained control over the Null Void. Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Azmuth and Ship as a spaceship head to the Highbreed's homeworld to confront the Supreme with Ben as Brainstorm being the pilot. The Highbreed Supreme refuses to recall the fleet, and Azmuth reveals that the Highbreed's obsession with genetic purity has resulted in sterility in their species; they intend to cleanse the galaxy of all life in retaliation. Using the Omnitrix, Ben sends out an energy wave that reprograms the DNA of every Highbreed in the galaxy, fusing their DNA with random species from the Omnitrix to repair their genetic damage. Reinrassic III returns to convince his race that their new impurity is desirable, and the fleet is recalled. Max decides to take in Ben's recruits (all except Darkstar, who ran off) and train them. As a side effect of reprogramming the Highbreed genetic damage, Ben finds the Master Control has been reset, leaving him with ten all new aliens. 

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