Cartoon Network Too
Cartoon Network Too logo
Cartoon Network Too logo
Launched April 24, 2006
Owned by Turner Broadcasting
{Time Warner Inc.)
Audience share 0.1% (, BARB)
Country United Kingdom
Replaced Cartoon Network +1 (2006)
Toonami UK (May 24, 2007)
Sister channel(s) Cartoonito
Cartoon Network UK
Website Cartoon Network Too
Sky Digital Channel 602
Virgin Media Channel 732
UPC Ireland Channel 617
Tiscali TV Channel 326
Cartoon Network Toon Toon (formerly The Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network, and the third CN for short) is a British TV channel created by Turner Broadcasting. CN Too is a spin-off television channel of the sister channel Cartoon Network Toon Toon, that airs a mixture of original and modern classic cartoons that aires from the date: December 22, 2016The umbrella of programming until 24 May 2007 where the channel shows the same shows from Cartoon Network UK, every day at 11pm on Cartoon Network and also airs archived cartoons. It launched in the UK and Ireland on 24 April 2006 on Sky Digital channel 602 and Virgin Media channel 732 from 24 May 2007. The channel broadcasts 24 hours. The channel timeshared with TCM 2, another UK-only spin-off channel from TCM until 24 May 2007 because the channel extended 24 hours with a same new identity as Cartoon Network UK.

History Edit

The channel launched late at around 10:15 am with Ben 10 rebooted and was followed by Steven Universe at 10:30 am. Then Wacky Races at 11am.

As of 24 May 2007 the channel, along with Cartoonito, replaced Toonami which closed down at 3am. CN Too also went from 3 am-7 pm to 24 hours. The channel was also said to
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One of the sister channels logos, Cartoon Network.

be bigger and better.
In June 2007, Cartoon Network Too was launched on Top Up TV Anytime, but was removed on June 2 2009 and programming moved to Top Up Tv Anytime's Cartoon Network stream.

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Cartoonito (Awkward)

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